There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

May 6th, 2016 – Santiago de Chile

It’s been almost a year since our family began serving the church in Santiago de Chile. God is at work powerfully and we believe he is guiding the church, with his Spirit, through a slow and profound healing process.

For the past 6 months we have been working on the theme “One Another”, specifically loving one another as Jesus loved us. This focus has brought many unresolved issues to the light, including hidden sin and unresolved conflicts. As painful as some of these issues are, the great news is that God is exposing the sin and bringing it to the light and the Lord is also forging deeper and greater bonds between the Saints in Santiago.

santiago-chile-baptism-2016In addition, the Lord has been adding to the body’s number. This year alone five disciples have been baptized into Christ. The Lord is also raising up new leaders through the formation of four family groups or Zones located in the South, Center, and West and East of the City of Santiago. This allows us to better equip the brotherhood, form stronger relationships, and facilitate rising up of local leadership.

In more sobering news, God’s example and his use of the holy spirit has caused the pruning of the vine. Unfortunately, five members have been removed from the congregation. This was a painful process in which the church is learning. The Church in Viña del Mar, which is about two hours away from Santiago, now has 35 disciples and is also working on one-another relationships and we have established a more connected relationship with the brotherhood there. They do not have any interns, but several disciples are leading voluntarily with a surrendered heart.

Please keep the Santiago and Viña del Mar Church in your prayers.

Con Dios la Misión es Posible!

La fe es la confianza de que en verdad sucederá lo que esperamos; es lo que nos da la certeza de las cosas que no podemos ver.” – Hebreos 11:1